15 Year Old Chinhoyi High School Form 3 Student Attains 7As

A 15 year old form three student from Chinhoyi High School made history for her school after she obtained 7 ‘A’s during the June 2018 Zimsec examinations.

Chinhoyi High School
Chinhoyi High School

It’s yet another celebration scored by a girl child proving beyond reasonable doubt that gender does not define capacities.

Sifiso Ukaka obtained ‘A’ grades in 7 of the 8 subjects she wrote in June while she is still in form three and automatically skipped form four to Advanced Level.

Most of the subjects were arts and commercials plus mathematics and the 8th subject was Biology were she obtained a ‘C’ grade.

She has since been given the privilege by Zimsec to sit for the remaining science subjects like Chemistry and Physics this November as she had not initially registered for them in June because she was still in form three and needed more time for practicals.

Chinhoyi High School head Dr Sevious Mutopa said the achievement is a first for the school.


Sifiso’s mother Blantina Ukaka, a teacher at Chinhoyi High said her daughter has always displayed sheer determination to achieve set goals eversince she was young.

Just like her name Sifiso meaning of ‘wish or desire’, it is the 15 year old’s desire to rise beyond expectations and prove girls can do it better.

The wiz kid said she is yet to make a final decision on which career path to pursue subject to the outcome of the science subjects for which she will seat for this November.

Sifiso is currently undertaking commercial subjects at Advanced Level which she enrolled for this term.