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Kasukuwere threatens Zaha

by reporter263
There is no G40...Kasukuwere

A ZANU PF national youth executive member and younger brother of Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere is embroiled in a wrangle with the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Housing Association (Zaha) over the ownership of 16 stands in Norton, which he allegedly wants to be given for free.


Stanley Kasukuwere has since approached law enforcement agents to try to force Zaha to “donate” the stands to him, arguing that they had been originally given to him by the former land owner, Norton Brooke.

The stands, on former Galloway Estates in Norton, were initially owned by Galloway Agricultural Enterprises before they were in turn sold to Brooke.

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Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere


However, Brooke breached the agreement of sale by failing to pay the full amount and the land was sold to Zaha. Before the land was sold to Zaha, the National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board (NIEEB) wrote to Galloway Estates, asking them to save the agreement, reportedly at Stanley’s behest.

In return, Brooke allegedly “donated” 10 residential stands to Kasukuwere as a “thank you” gesture.

Kasukuwere allegedly sold these stands to 16 people, who wanted land.

The 10 stands were now at the centre of the wrangle between the parties.

Sources within Zaha confirmed being called to CID Law and Order for questioning over the land yesterday.

“Yes, we were called to the police,” a source said.

“We will not budge from any pressure from anyone. We are prepared to go to any highest court in the land. Our request is for the police to fully investigate the case and advise Kasukuwere accordingly.”

The source said they feared innocent homeseekers may have been duped of their money by people claiming they had stands at Galloway.

Zaha director Killer Zivhu was not available for comment, as he was said to be out of Harare on business.

Kasukuwere last night said he could not comment, as the matter was now before the police.-Online

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