Lumumba forms new Political party

Breaking News…. Acie Lumumba forms Political party……VIVA Zimbabwe…..notifies ZEC.

In an interview with @,263 lumumba said “people already know who they are not going to vote for, the question is who do they vote for instead”…also when asked why not join other oppositions he said “I like to win, all the other opposition parties will always lose to zanu pf, the only people who can dismantle zanu pf is zanu pf itself and the youth,currrentky the youth do not have a party thst speaks to them and thats why Viva is here”

Lumumba has been noticably off social media for 2weeks while he was in europe meeting potential sponsors and backers.

Intrestingly in his interview lumumba mention Nelson Chamisa, Saviour Kasukuwere and Shadreck Mashayamombe as politiciand he looks up to. He took time to dig into the 1st lady saying the country was being run by an evil step mother, who is more concerned by her stakeof the inheritance at the expense of the children, havasi vana vavo so she doesnt care, vanongosvika negogo vosiya magrocery and off she goes he said.

Attacks Grace Mugabe

Lumumba also confessed to being corrupt, he says “yes I have been corrupt, wevall are, its like an addicitive drug and I tasted it,once u take it you wont know where to stop but the trouble is zanu pf doesnt fire people for being corrupt. It promotes them so there was no one to stop me, its for this reason our pl1st charter is anyone who occupies politic officr has no role in government going forward, let us politicians do the politics but let the people of zimbabwe run thier own country. No one who has been in government for the last 3 terms deserves to be rewarded with more.


Lukumuba complained all other political parties where being run by Rhodesians whose political culture was not conjusive with those born in zimbabwe. “The problem is the culture is all wrong, its time to turn the page, we can lesd ourselves better thsn we are being led.

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