by Trust Matsilele

Grace Mugabe is reported to be suffering from a serious ailment that has seen her returning to Singapore for further medical attention.

Her sickness has left a lacuna in Zanu PF power matrix with rival factions fighting to outwit each other in her evident absence.

This means that even those who were hedging their political fortunes on Grace factoring President Robert Mugabe’s advanced age and sickness are forced to revise their strategies.

Zimbabwe’s First Lady is said to be suffering from colon cancer that saw her undergoing multiple operations in the last few months.

Colon cancer is cancer of the large intestine (colon), the lower part of your digestive system.


Unverified reports also say Grace is suffering psychological breakdown too.

“Grace has been at the center of the upheaval in ZANU. The changes in ZANU leadership are attributable to her efforts whether or not she was the mastermind of or just as a pony used by others,” said China based security researcher, Obert Hodzi.

“Being at the center means she had become a patron with several clients whose political careers were directly connected to her own.”

Hodzi added that, now that she is sick, it leaves a big gap that is seemingly jeopardising their project of consolidating power around the first family.

“It also boosts the moral of people in Zanu PF that are opposed to her takeover to regroup. With Mugabe too busy with ‘foreign affairs’ business, he no longer has a trusted person like Grace watching over for him. Perhaps this is how the cookie crumbles.”

Grace was critical in toppling of the former vice president Joyce Mujuru with her whirlwind tour across the country.

Among top Zanu PF politicians who were toppled due to her campaign are Rugare Gumbo, Themba Mliswa, Ray Kaukonde and Didymus Mutasa.