80-year-old Wife Kicks 82-year-old Hubby Out Of Their Matrimonial Home

To a story of no love lost between an elderly couple in Nyeri. An 82-year man was kicked out his matrimonial home by his wife. Trouble for Lawrence Kairianja started soon after his longterm wife Thaderinah Wanjiru received Kshs400,000 as Mau Mau pay out, NTV reports.world04+pix
Neighbours who have known the couple for a long time say that Ms Wanjiru has always warned her husband that when the compensation for MauMau by the British Government is done, she would not live with him.
The story has even caused rift among their seven children. The children have taken sides with some supporting the act and others condemning it. One of their children, Mr Benard Mwangi claims that his mother has been colluding with four other siblings to attack their father thus forcing him to leave home.
As most of their neighbours spectate on the issue in awe, a team of good Samaritans from the village have decided to build a house for the 80 year old man. They have assembled all the necessary materials and construction has already begun.
One young man from the village has even gone a step further and asked his wife to cook and feed the old man for as long as possible.
More than 5,000 elderly Kenyans who were tortured and abused during the Mau Mau uprising in the 1950s are receiving a pay out of £19.9 million compensation from the British government.


This is after a landmark ruling in a case against the surviving Mau Mau war veterans and the British government. The court in Britain ruled that Kenyans tortured by British colonial forces during the Mau Mau uprising should receive payouts totalling £20m. The court recognised Kenyans were tortured and it “sincerely regrets” the abuses that took place.
Thousands of people were killed during the Mau Mau revolt against British rule in Kenya in the 1950s