Amuli tells his side of story


AMULI’S SIDE OF STORY • Ishmael Amuli tells H-Metro what transpired on Saturday morning when ex wife, Yolanda Kuvaoga visited his Domboshava home to try and take their grand daughter.

He claims Yolanda went with a kombi full of thugs before 3am, accusing him of kidnapping Moana’s daughter.

(Amuli’s church has asked him not to show face on cameras hence what u see here)

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Almost a month after Moana’s burial, it seems Yolanda, Moana’s mother is still fighting for what she believes is unfair treatment especially in the post burial processes. In video circulating on social media, Moana’s mother Yolanda has made a number of complaints and accusations mostly against her ex husband Mr Amuli.

Yolanda argues that she was not married to Amuli but raped. She also accuse Amuli’s elder son of raping Moana. She is therefore worried that Tyra who is custody of Amuli might go though the same ordeal. On this basis, Yolanda demands to retain custody of Tyra.

Tyra is the surviving daughter to Moana. She was taken by her father upon the burial of Moana. However, Yolanda says Tyra’s father later delivered Tyra to Amuli and she is now in Domboshava. Yolanda expressed worry over the state of Tyra’s affair saying she is wearing one cloth and she has been sleeping on the floor. She says this is a too wide to handle gap considering that she was staying in Mt Pleasant with her mother and now she is taken to the rural areas.

She pleaded with both the Kadungure family and friends of Ginimbi to fulfill their pledge in helping her.

Yolanda also revealed that if everything goes well she is going to hold a memorial for Moana on 2 January.

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