Angry Mnangagwa throws a tantrum over national anthem

Angry Mnangagwa throws a tantrum over national anthem

A VISIBLY angry President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday publicly castigated his lieutenants for allegedly playing a “bad” recording of the national anthem.

He later banned them from playing the “bad” recording at all events he officiates.

This occurred during the official handover of vehicles to 100 chiefs in Harare yesterday.

A palpably agitated Mnangagwa reprimanded his aides just as he had started speaking during the handover ceremony.

“Before I get into business, that national anthem song that you played, the first one, don’t repeat it,” Mnangagwa said.

“It was bad. I don’t know where you got that recording. Make sure never to play it again.”

It is not clear why Mnangagwa disliked the national anthem recording.

Sources said Mnangagwa caught his aides by surprise as they had played the same recording at most of the events he officiated.

“That is the recording that is always used at national events,” the source said.

“This is the first time the President has publicly complained about the national anthem recording.

“It could be that he was annoyed over something else and he was just venting out his anger.”

Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba was not picking calls when NewsDay wanted to reach him for comment.

Chief director for Presidential Communications Anyway Mutambudzi referred questions to Charamba.

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa has pampered 100 chiefs with Isuzu double-cab vehicles.

“We shall, therefore continuously pursue such interventions to improve the welfare and general conditions of service for our esteemed chiefs,” Mnangagwa said.

“Further, my government will continue to provide medical insurance to our chiefs, headmen and village heads from all communal areas.”

“At the same time, the government has put in place a funeral assistance package for chiefs.”

Chiefs have continued to play a key role in mobilising support for the ruling party.

Last year, election observers and opposition parties accused the chiefs of going against their mandate which bids them to be apolitical.

Mnangagwa said “various ministries, departments and agencies have been commissioned to provide additional services and utilities” to make the lives of chiefs comfortable.

He said these included the construction and maintenance of access roads to the chiefs’ homesteads.

“The electrification of the homes of chiefs; provision of water and sanitation facilities as well as the tillage programme, among other services are equally designed to benefit our communities as a whole.”

National Chief’s Council president Mtshane Khumalo said they were humbled by the gesture.

“The institution of traditional leaders is humbled by the consistent support rendered in respect to the vehicles handed over, payment of our allowances, and medical support and drilling of boreholes at chiefs homesteads,” he said.

Source – newsday

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