Another of Ginimbi’s supercar up in smoke today in CBD -Watch

Another of late Genius Ginimbi Kadungure’s car is alleged to have caught fire in Harare today.

Social media influencer M Matigari posted the video clip.

“Ko vanhu maakuita sei futi mota dzaGinimbi? That’s how all these little toys get frittered away. I guess that’s why he knew how to enjoy his money. Zvairwadza vasara.”, he says.

Ginimbi died in a brand new Rolls Royce Wraith along Borrowdale Road in Harare on Sunday in a crash and burn accident.


many speculations have come out with some suggesting there was no way such a car with impressive safety features should be able to burn after a mere impact.

Some have incredulously suggested the man was involved in some cultic underworld business hence his way of dying.

Some prophets claim to have told Ginimbi about a probable chance of getting invol

ved in some fatal situation and it sadly came to pass.