Apostle Chiwenga blasts Musoromuhombe Comic Pastor giving him Chekupenga Award of the Month

Apostle Chiwenga has blasted musoromuhombe comic pastor for giving him chekupenga award of the month

Comic pastor included Chiwenga in his monthly comic award and put him in the category of chekupenga. Comic pastor said Apostle Chiwenga is always insulting other man of God. He says Apostle Chiwenga should focus on preaching the gospel and let them preach their own gospel. Comic pastor said the bible also admonishes people to have gracious words.

Apostle Chiwenga responded to comic pastor calling him musoromuhombe. He says there is desperate attempt by people from all fronts to demonise him. Apostle Chiwenga says the true Jesus in the bible insulted people even calling them snakes. He says he is learning from the true Jesus who insulted unbelievers or charlatans. Apostle Chiwenga further said the Jesus people know who did not insult people never existed in the bible therefore he told comic pastor that the Jesus he (comic pastor) believes in is not the true Jesus from the bible.

Watch video below.