Arthur Mutambara Implicated in Chieftainship Death
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Arthur Mutambara Implicated in Chieftainship Death

FORMER Deputy Prime Minister, Professor Arthur Mutambara, has been sucked in the Mutambara chieftainship wrangle after the wife of the late chief made sensational allegations that he (Prof Mutambara) knows the people who killed her husband to take the position.
There was drama at the chief’s court in Mutambara on Tuesday after the fuming wife of the late Chief John Godfrey Mutamabara – Alice – blocked the professor’s vehicle from leaving, demanding that he tell the public what they did to her husband.

He died on October 21 last year.
The situation almost turned into a fracas after a visibly irate Mutambara shoved Alice warning her against her actions.
Police officers from Cashel Valley had to intervene and quell the boiling situation which was about to turn nasty.

It had to take three police officers to manhandle and restrain a raging Alice from blocking Prof Mutambara’s Land-cruiser vehicle from leaving the premises.

After the former Deputy Prime Minister left, Alice went on to verbally attack members of the Mutambara clan who were indoors.
She accused them of killing her husband like a chicken and vowed to go down fighting.

“Arthur (Mutambara) disclosed to me everything they were told when they visited a traditional healer concerning the chief’s death. Now that they are all gathered here he no longer wants to tell the whole world what was said by the traditional healer. They killed my husband in order to take the chieftainship.

“I am left alone here and they want to harass me. Why can’t they tell the truth so that the world understands what happened. These things must be made public and these people must come out and confess that they killed their own so that I live peacefully here. If they don’t do that, they give an impression that I had something to do with the chief’s death,” she fumed.

She accused the Mutambara elders of conducting secret meetings about her late husband.
“They killed him to land that position. What I want is for them to take responsibility for his death. Arthur is fuming at me because he knows that I will tell them what he told me about the traditional healer they visited,” charged Alice.

She labelled the professor a culprit.
“You see what these people are doing. The police must not intervene in these issues because they do not know deeply what is taking place.
“They should open up and let the world know their deeds.”

Efforts to get a comment from Prof Mutambara were fruitless at the time of going to press as his mobile phone was always busy.
Mr Sylvester Mutambara is the acting chief. MANICAPOST



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