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Asylum seeker ‘schoolboy’ who claimed to be 15 is almost certainly an adult

by reporter263

A hairy chest, sporting a beard and knocking back a beer may have given the game away for an asylum seeker claiming to be a boy of 15.

He was pictured in a lesson with year 11 children under the caption ‘how’s there a 30-year-old man in our maths class?’ before swiftly being removed from the school.

Pupils at the school in Ipswich also found pictures of him in Facebook that showed he may be nearly twice their age. A picture was taken of the ‘boy’ during a lesson with year 11 pupils ‘How’s there a 30-year-old man in our maths class?’ (Picture: East Anglia News Service) A picture on the now-deleted profile page of the ‘boy’ that shows him with a beard (Picture: East Anglia News Service) Parents took their children out of school until something was done about the 6ft 1ins ‘pupil’ who spoke poor English. The Home Office assessed him and found that he was over the age of 18 earlier this month but they have refused to reveal how old they think he is or details about his background.

Cyclist who attacked car with huge zombie knife in London named As he is now being treated as an adult asylum seeker he could face deportation. A spokesman said: ‘In the absence of clear and credible documentary evidence, Home Office staff must rely on physical appearance and demeanour to make an initial assessment on whether a person claiming to be a child is under 18. ‘If an individual is assessed to be under 18, but subsequent concerns about their age are raised – for example by a school – we will act quickly to reconsider the case.’ There was also a picture of him drinking beer (Picture: East Anglia News Service) Those claiming to be under 18 are only assessed as adults if there is ‘clear and credible documentary evidence’ that they are, an approved local authority assessment reaches the conclusion or if two immigration officers rule that their ‘physical appearance or demeanour very strongly suggests they are significantly over 18 years of age’. Flytipper’s van is crushed in warning to others about dumping rubbish He started at Stoke High School in September this year but suspicions grew when he appeared in class with a 5 o’clock shadow. They found a profile on Facebook under his name that said he had been an architecture student in Iran before living in Germany. The profile has now been deleted. One girl, 15, complained that she had received a bombardment of text messages while another pupil said he had told them he was 25, married and had two children. A school spokesman said: ‘This is a matter for the Home Office and we have referred it to them. ‘‘The student is not attending the school at this time. A student in Year 7 is also not currently attending school.’-Metro




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