Aussie Open, labours lost if Kim calls

Aussie Open, labours lost if Kim calls

He is on the verge of winning his third Grand Slam and breaking his duck of four Australian Open final defeats.
But there is just one hitch – apart, that is, from the small matter of defending champion Novak Djokovic, his opponent in today’s final.
Andy Murray’s wife is due to give birth to their first born around the same time, and he has promised to rush home if necessary.
Earlier this month Murray was asked if he would pull out of the tournament even if he reached the final.
His reply was unambiguous and could just present the tournament’s organisers and sponsors with a huge headache should it come to pass.
Murray said: “I’m going to fly home. I’d be way more disappointed winning the Australian Open and not being at the birth of the child.
“For me, my child is more important to me, and my wife is more important to me than a tennis match.”
Last week the former Wimbledon champion was convinced that Kim had gone into labour when he was woken by his hotel room phone, ahead of his first match at the Open.
He said at the time “This morning I ordered room service and I got a phone call to my room that woke me up and I completely panicked.”
Following the match, against the German player Alexander Zverev – which he won in straight sets – Murray said: “There were no messages from Kim when I got off court, thankfully. I hope it stays that way as well. But I’m more excited than nervous. A few weeks ago I was nervous.”
Of course getting on a plane after a court side phone call from Kim, saying her waters have broken, could turn out to be a pointless gesture.
It is a 23 hour flight from Melbourne after all, so it could all be over by the time he jumps into a cab at Heathrow Airport.
But who would want to tell Mrs Murray that?
Should the world number two heed his paternal instincts, and do his duty as a husband, it is likely he will come in for some criticism from rather more old-fashioned male (naturally) sports personalities.
When England cricketer James Anderson returned home from the 2010 Ashes tour in Australia to attend the birth of his second child, former England star bowler Bob Willis was far from impressed.
“I don’t agree with the Mothercare buggy-rolling thinking that modern man have. He should be on the cricket tour, that’s his job,” said Willis.
Will Greenwood, the England rugby player, also returned home early from Australia in 2003 to be with his wife after she developed complications in her second pregnancy.
Murray reached his fifth Australian Open final by winning an epic five-set battle with 13th seed Milos Raonic on Friday.
He has said that the arrival of his first child might help him relax more.
Speaking before the start of the Australian Open he said: “People have asked ‘Do you think it will be a distraction?’ It might be but it’s a good distraction.
“It’s actually not good to be just concentrating on tennis and your training all of the time. It is important to be able to take a step back from it and, when you finish on the practice court, be able to just go away and be with your friends and family, so I am looking forward to it.”
Asked after Friday’s semi-final win whether he was ready to be a father, Murray said: “I hope so, I’m going to find out pretty soon.
“I’ve been reading lots of books, but hopefully you just adapt,” he said.
Not long to go now Andy. But fingers crossed it all starts after your finish that match, eh? — Telegraph.

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