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Baba Tencen Flops In Harare

by reporter263
South African-based comedian, Baba Tencen found the going tough at the giant Harare International Conference.
According to Zimbojam, Baba Tencen ran to the stage and was welcomed by a deafening noise from the audience. But it soon became clear that the comedian had left his bag of tricks in Johannesburg.

All his attempts to get the crowd in laughing mode were just not working. He even downed one litre of Coca Cola, spilling a good volume of it all over his body, shocking the crowd rather than driving them to mirth.

He learnt a tough lesson that skits in front of the camera are different from a stand-up comedy. After the painful performance the comedian left the crowd dumbfounded as he unceremoniously ran off the stage leaving his trademark 2 litre Coke and a loaf of bread.
But Bustop TV’s Gonyeti was a class act. Her set was very short but in those 10 minutes she made a solid impression and drew loud laughter from the audience.

Q The Boss was at his brilliant best. He came out with the memorable punchline when he said, “… can we all clap our hands. Well I know many of you don’t know what we are clapping for but I want us to thank the vice president for allowing us to have this show in his living room…” He was referring to how Vice-President Mphoko has lived in the Rainbow Towers Hotel, adjacent to the conference centre, for over a year and refused to move out even after protests.

Anne Kansiime showed that she had done her research well, as she joked about exuberant business man and social media poser, Sir Wicknell, calling him ‘Sir Weakness’ and checked if Stunner was doing well after his car accident. She also questioned why Zimbabweans still had love for the Mighty Warriors after they were massacred by Germany at the Olympics.-Online


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