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Baba Tencen recieves R100 000 from Sir Wicknell

by reporter263

Just a week after Baba Tencen of the Hapana Zvamungandiite fam got his first endorsement deal courtesy of Zororo Funeral PLan, the sun is really shining bright for the man.

This time, serial businessman Wicknell Chivayo took to facebook to ask anyone for Baba Tencen’s details so that he can have lunch with him and donate R100 000 to the funny man.

Sir Wicknell wrote : HAPANA KANA ZVAVANGANDIITE…..I really like this BABA TENCEN guy but I don’t know where to find him. Someone please help me with his number. He’s the only sensible comedian we have in Zimbabwe. If anyone knows him or where he lives in South Africa please tell him SIR is desperately looking for your mobile number because he wants a picture with you and wants to have lunch with you. As my number 1 celebrity I’m ready and willing to pay him 100 thousand rand in hard cash the day I meet him or transfer it into his South African account NOW…..PLEASE HELP…..MURI KUPI BABA TENCEN HAPANA ENDE HAPANA ZVAVANGANDIITE…..

Baba Tencen then went onto Facebook to thank Wicknell.

Source : facebook


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