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Beitbridge Prostitutes Making Good Money Despite Tough Economy, Chilly Weather

by reporter263

Beitbridge prostitutes are not deterred by the biting chilly weather as they are setting up fires on the street corners to warm themselves up as they wait on in solicit for sx from men on in Dulivhadzimu suburb, H-Metro has learnt.

Beitbridge prostitutes

Beitbridge prostitutes

One of the hookers only identified as Mandi, told H-Metro that she makes sure she comes up with better tactics to lure men for sx so as to earn a living.

“I do not have a passport to cross border to look for a job in South Africa. Men who cross the Limpopo River bring money here for me to earn a living,” said Mandi.

“Whatever amount, a rand or dollar I receive, it keeps me going. Vamwe vatinavo varikunyepera hama dzavo kuti varikushanda kuSouth Africa isu tichiswera husiku hose tinavo saka vatiza camera yenyu. We put fires to warm our bodies so that we remain attractive to men loitering for sx. We are on Ecocash, Telecash and accept bank transfers as well since we have to move along with technology, handisati ndavekuswiper chete.

Competition forces us to accept any rand or dollar for a ‘short time’ session since every note counts when you are away from home. Some ladies use South African mobile lines to communicate with their relatives or husbands in other towns, lying that they are working in South Africa when they spend nights warming legs for se_x here,” she said.

Mandi told H-Metro that she relocated to Beitbridge after facing stiff competition in Harare.-H-metro


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