Bentley Purchase Was Above Board, Angel’s Brother Claims

HARARE – Spirit Embassy founder Uebert Angel’s brother Limit Mudzanire yesterday told a Harare court that he bought the Bentley Continental sedan at the centre of a fraud scandal on his family’s behalf.

Refuting claims by the complainant that the vehicle was seeded to the church and later converted to Angel’s use, Mudzanire, who is Angel’s elder brother, denied the accusation. He testified as a defence witness during the ongoing trial of Anderson Tagara, who is answering to charges of being an accessory to the cleric after allegedly acquiring the Bentley through fraudulent means.

Mudzanire said he knew the complainant Ndabazinenge Shava. He said he had met him at their church thrice.

He said Shava visited their offices and he sat down with his brothers Uebert and Benjamin before agreeing that they would purchase the motor vehicle.

“Before we reached a final decision to buy the car, I engaged my two brothers and we agreed to buy,” he said. “Shava told us that the car was still registered in Tagara’s name.

“He told us that Tagara was supposed to sign the agreement of sale to divest his ownership of the motor vehicle. After some days, I went to Shava’s residence to collect the agreement of sale which was already signed by Tagara.”


The agreement of sale was produced in court and confirmed that Tagara had sold the Bentley to Benjamin for $76 000.

Mudzanire said he used Benjamin’s national identity card during preparation of the said document because he would remain in custody of the vehicle since he and Angel travel a lot.

“I also want the court to know that the vehicle was never ‘seeded’ to the church at any point. If so, why then do we have an agreement of sale and why did Shava not come to our offices or church when Uebert was around to claim his portion?” questioned Mudzanire.

“We sourced funds as a family and I completed the paperwork on behalf of Benjamin as per our family’s arrangements.”

Prosecutor Editor Mavuto however, said it was not reasonable for Shava to sell the car at $76 000 after acquiring it for $230 000.

Mavuto claimed that Mudzanire was trying to support his brother who is implicated as a principal offender.

It is Tagara’s testimony that Shava advised him that the Bentley had been sold to Benjamin and since registration was in Tagara’s name, the agreement of sale was required to divest him of ownership rights.