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Bev having sleepless nights over her weight

by reporter263

RAUNCHY dancer Beverly Sibanda says she has gained some kilos during the lockdown and is now desperate to lose weight.

Although the 27-year-old could not shed more light on her weight before lockdown and now, Bev said she has outgrown most of her clothes.

So concerned is Bev that she does not know how she will last during her first show if the ban on public show was to be lifted soon.

“I’m just home most of the times watching TV but I am concerned by my weight since I have outgrown some of my clothes.

“I used to wear size 28 and now I can’t believe it that I am now wearing size 34.


“I don’t know my particular weight to be exact but what I know is that I have gained some kilos and I can feel it,” she said.Bev is having sleepless nights over her new weight

Asked what she was doing about her weight which is giving her sleepless nights, she said: “I will try my best to exercise but for us dancing alone was a better exercise that we used to have as fans.

“We would hold two or more shows per day on weekends and that alone was enough exercising you can ever have as a person.”

Bev also opened up on the welfare issue of her band members and other artistes during the lockdown.

“Regarding my band members, I can safely say they are okay from the time I last checked on them.Bev during one of her performances

“If they have any problems they always talk to me and we help each other as a group.

“As for my family, we are managing and have nothing to complain since my welfare is being well catered for by my hubby.

“I’m just praying that the situation gets normal so that we revert to the old ways we used to do our job.

“With restrictions being relaxed for other sectors, I am hopeful that our Government will also consider the creative sector because some of us are struggling to make ends meet.

“As artistes, were living from hand to mouth whereby shows had become our source of income.

“Some of us have since exhausted their earnings and we are just living by the grace of God and we hope the pubs will be opened soon for us to hold live shows,” she said.

Beverly is one of the few dancers who is managing on lockdown while the majority of them (dancers) are struggling to eke out a living.

She said she has been indoors for the greater part of lockdown adding that online gigs promoters have snubbed her on several occasions.

There are reports that some dancers have since eloped while others have resorted to vending to supplement their earnings.

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