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Bishop Pashapa neglecting own mother – Video


HARARE – Last week Bishop Noah Pashapa hit out a prosperity gospel preachers like Emmanuel Makandiwa accusing them of engaging “in superficial care and concern activities, whilst robbing from the poor and enriching themselves.”

Gogo Miriam Pashapa receiving handouts from Emmanuel Makandiwa's church
Gogo Miriam Pashapa receiving handouts from Emmanuel Makandiwa’s church

Pashapa’s interview with Zororo Makamba did not go down well with Makandiwa’s camp and they have since produced a video claiming that Bishop Pashapa, contrary to his own teachings has been neglecting his elderly mother.

In the 28-minute video seen by Nehanda Radio, Pashapa’s mother – Gogo Miriam Pashapa – is filmed being given US$280 by Makandiwa’s church to use in paying off her electricity bill. She is also given three months worth of groceries.

“I am so grateful for what Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has done for me. I cannot thank him enough. I really want to thank him from the bottom part of my heart. Please convey my message to Prophet Makandiwa,” Gogo Pashapa says in the video clip that has since been uploading on video sharing site You Tube.

“Tell him he is a custodian of the orphans and the less privileged. He has rescued me from a muddy ditch, which I could not come out of. He rescued me by throwing a lifeline and fished me out. I am so grateful. The point I had reached was so hard pressing I could not even manage to wiggle around.

“As a mature person, you can’t move around sharing your problems but the point I had reached was very painful. What the man of God has done is filling my eyes with tears. I can now testify of the goodness of God. The God of miracles. What I have witnessed today is nothing short of a miracle. The God of miracles.

“I am so grateful to the God of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. Surely he is with us. He has not locked us out. He is dining with us. I am so grateful I have found peace and rest. I was constrained in boiling waters but you rescued me.

“I just came over to the church offices to pour out my problems. Little did I know that all my problems would be solved today,” Gogo Pashapa added.

Efforts to get comment from Pashapa on Wednesday were not successful.

The reaction on social media will however be a blow to Makandiwa. Many people criticised his tactics as “devious” and “below the belt”. The general feeling was that he had manipulated a vulnerable elderly woman to score points against Bishop Pashapa.

“Pashapa is not a THIEF and he is looking after his mother according to his means ….stealing from Peter to hoodwink Gogo Mirriam does not absolve prosperity gospel….Goldspel will remain goldspel….” one Nehanda Radio reader wrote.

Watch the full video below


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