Fireworks in Zanu PF politburo meeting
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Fireworks in Zanu PF politburo meeting


There were fireworks at the Zanu PF politburo meeting last night ahead of the crucial congress which rolls into life today as the faction aligned to Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa turned its guns against Transport minister Obert Mpofu.
Sources said Mpofu was humiliated by information minister Jonathan Moyo as fireworks exploded.
“Moyo told Mpofu that he has a mind of a rat and a body of an elephant and that he was infantile and a thief,” said the source. Mpofu’ s attack emanated from allegations that he organised a demonstration in which he wanted speaker of parliament Jacob Mudenda to be booted out of the provincial structures and at the same time lose his central committee position. “It was an action packed politburo which saw the reversal of Mudenda’s vote of no confidence with Mpofu looking stupid,” said the source. “He (Mpofu) has lost the Matabeleland North case where he wanted to have total control of the province by booting out other senior bigwigs.” Chaos reigned supreme over the weekend following clashes between Mudenda and Mpofu supporters in Matabeleland North province. Mpofu’ supporters waved placards denouncing Mudenda and urging the provincial executive to pass a no confidence vote on him. The altercation degenerated into a fist fight as Mudenda supporters also denounced Mpofu labeling him the worst corrupt leader in the country.
The party bigwigs attacked each other in unprecedented levels.
At the centre of this latest twist in the multi-faceted party ructions appears to be a dogfight for Zanu PF’s powerful post of national chairman, currently occupied by senior minister Simon Khaya Moyo and apparently also coveted by National Assembly speaker Jacob Mudenda.

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