Mujuru not part of Mugabe’s new Zanu PF leadership
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Mujuru not part of Mugabe’s new Zanu PF leadership

President Robert Mugabe has all but confirmed that beleaguered vice president will not be part of his new Zanu PF leadership expected to be appoint this week at the ongoing congress.
“We knew all they were planning, claiming the whites will pour billions into this economy only if Mugabe is out of the way. European-oriented minds can never develop Africa. If you have a European/American mindset then you do not belong to Zanu PF,” he said.
“We thought we were united from the top to the bottom and that there were no machinations amongst us but alas we were deceived. We didn’t know that as we went for elections some among us, vanaMujuru, did not want elections. We heard their views were shared with the MDC, vana Biti. Foolish, idiotic expectations that some circumstances will take place and Mugabe will be out of the way.”
“Power, power, power, that is what you think if you are obsessed with power. They said they read that Mugabe wasgoing to die in September but the man has refused to die and even now he is still refusing to die, zvave kutoda n’anga,” Mugabe said.
Addressing members of the central committee today in Harare Mugabe said he will not allow anyone to succeed him unless if the person is elected by the people and has more votes than him.
Again Mujuru,Didymus Mutasa and Nicholas Goche were absent at the central committee meeting.
The high table was graced by Mugabe and national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo.
“We don’t want people who are self-opinionated. Try to be content where you are. You have the right to contest for any seat. You can contest for the presidency and if people have voted you in then you can take over, but to try to organise illegal ways – no… we shall not allow….never…” Mugabe said.
‘Now this is what has happened. The high table has only two people who have kept their principles,” he said.

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