British Embassy Harare introduces improved online UK visa application service

HARARE – The British Embassy in Harare recently introduced Access UK – Britain’s improved online visa application service which is meant to provide applicants with a user friendly, mobile ready, simple alternative to the previously complicated process.

British Ambassador to Zimbabwe Ms Catriona Laing

Access UK lets you apply for a visit visa, book an appointment at their Visa Application Centre, and pay for the application via VISA and Mastercard. An application can be edited, saved and resumed at a later time and the form is shorter.

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The service is already live and has been available to Zimbabweans since the 1st of July. Applicants can access it on the site Apply for a UK visa or by searching for the option on the British Government website.

Access UK is administered in Britain and has already been adopted in India and China.

The local introduction is part of a global rollout that is expected to assist anyone applying for a Standard Visitor, Visitor (Marriage & Civil Partnership), or Visitor (Permitted Paid Engagement) visa. – TechZim