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British MP Calls On International Community To Impose Travel Ban On Mnangagwa

by reporter263

A UK legislator has urged the international community to put on hold engagement efforts with Zimbabwe and called for the imposition of a travel ban on President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Kate Hoey, chair of the UK all-party parliamentary group on Zimbabwe, said that the international community cannot ignore what is happening in Zimbabwe. She was speaking in Britain’s lower House of Parliament, the House of Commons. She said:

The international community should suspend any initiatives relating to reengagement with the Zimbabwean government.

It is unacceptable in my view to be even talking about debt restructuring and private sector investment while so many Zimbabwean civilians are being assaulted and killed.

We are calling for the end of the deployment of the military, they have to go back into their barracks.

We have to get the United nations to make a very strong statement on the rule of law.


We need to call for an independent investigation of the human rights violation to be led by African Union or United Nations.

We have to get to who gave the orders it was the same with the people killed after the elections where we never got to the bottom of who gave the army orders.

The government’s brutal crackdown on demonstrators who were protesting against poverty and economic hardship has received widespread condemnation.

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