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Burly Kasukuwere fumes over corrupt accusations

by Lex Vambe

Local Government, Minister Saviour Kasukuwere fumed when The Herald called him and accused the paper of writing s***t about him.saviour-kasukuwere-std

The paper had phoned him seeking a comment on the renaming of the road that stretches from Zanu-PF Headquarters to Rainbow Towers Hotel from Pennefather Avenue. The road is named after Lieutenant Colonel Pennefather, who led the Pioneer Column to invade Zimbabwe.

Asked over the matter in a telephone interview, Minister Kasukuwere initially slammed his phone after realising that the call was coming from The Herald.

Moments later he called back and said: “What is it that you want? Why can’t you concentrate on writing your s*** there? Is that an issue that you can ask me? If we change that name, whose name do you want us to put on that road?”

He again slammed his phone. It appeared he had taken issue with some of the stories that had been appearing in The Herald and The Sunday Mail recently, where he was implicated in the stands scandal in Harare’s Chishawasha B area.-Online


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