Bushiri comments on ‘Blood of Jesus’ selling allegations

By Nyasa Times

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, leader and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church has strongly refuted rumours that have been going strong in the media claiming that he is selling the blood of Jesus bottles.

Shepherd Bushiri
Shepherd Bushiri

According to reports on different blogs, it was alleged that the man of God is selling the healing power blood of Jesus at R20 thousand to R30 thousand (approximately MK1 million) per bottle.

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However, in an exlusive interview with Nyasa Times from his office in Sandton at the World Trade Center Tower, Bushiri refuted the claims saying that is simply the work of some blogs to find traffic for their websites to make money.


“I never used to understand these things myself until lately when I discovered that most of the stories about me are fabricated by unknown blog and news website owners because anything with my name attached is usually shared a lot by people and everyone wants to read about it.

“When you open such links, you will find different adverts usually offered by Google. For such adverts to make money, they need traffic and the more people they get to their websites, the more money they make and this trend will go on for as long as I rise.

“People should just learn to seek the truth before making conclusions and cursing men of God,” explained Bushiri.

“People should not rush to believe anything they see on social media. We have reliable newspapers they can always cross check before they rush to conclude.

“All these unknown blogs that are busy tarnishing my image by writing false things are operated by anonymous people trying to make money, in the end, they are feeding on my name, a thing that is also negatively affecting the faith of believers.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri seen here with Prophet Uebert Angel from Zimbabwe
‘Walking on Air’ Prophet Shepherd Bushiri seen here with ‘Miracle Money’ Prophet Uebert Angel from Zimbabwe

“If people want to know about the anointing materials at my church, all they need to do come to our church and check on our official websites. There is no one in this life who can come forward to claim that they bought the said blood of Jesus at the ECG church and my followers are even baffled about the reports because they have never seen that as reported by Malawi Voice and Malawi Independent, the only newspapers in Malawi that write all sorts of false reports about me for political gains,” he continued.

“I cant always control what blogs post on the internet, I only pray to God that believers should see this coming and brace up because we do not wrestle against flesh. In the end, I will continue to do the work of God and bring more souls to Christ because that is my work and I promised God to do it whole heartedly no matter the challenges I face on the way.”