Casino Industry in Zimbabwe Surges Amid Increased Internet Access
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Casino Industry in Zimbabwe Surges Amid Increased Internet Access

As Zimbabwe’s tourism sector traditionally reigned supreme in the entertainment industry, a new contender is now reshaping the landscape. The casino industry in the country is witnessing an unprecedented growth rate of 8.5 percent as of May 2023, riding on the wave of expanding internet access. Although only a third of Zimbabwe’s population currently basks in internet connectivity, this figure is set to surge, providing a further impetus to the gambling sector.

Internet Connectivity: A Game Changer for Casinos

Enhanced internet connectivity is a game-changer for casinos. It not only opens the door for online services but also streamlines the money transfer process, thereby contributing to the industry’s growth. In a broader African context, Zimbabwe is not alone in embracing gambling. South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria have also legalized gambling, each adopting different regulatory frameworks to harness the industry’s potential.

Traditional and Online Gambling in Africa

Traditional gambling forms like bingo and slot games continue to hold their ground in Africa. Yet, online casinos are quickly gaining prominence, thanks to their accessibility. The sports betting segment, particularly football betting, has significantly propelled the industry’s growth, with football reigning as the most beloved sport in Zimbabwe. The surge in Premier Soccer League attendance mirrors the sport’s popularity and its influence on the betting market.

Government’s Role and Economic Implication

The expansion of the betting industry is a welcome development for the Zimbabwean economy. It generates additional tax revenue, which can be channelled towards development initiatives. However, the government’s role is critical in establishing fair regulations and shielding citizens from harmful gambling practices. The burgeoning betting industry in Zimbabwe is a testament to the power of technology in catalysing economic growth and diversity.-BNN

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