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CCC disowns Sikhala

by reporter263

CCC has disowned Mr Job Sikhala, who is currently in remand prison facing a litany of charges, as the fallout between the party and its dissatisfied former top official sinks deeper.

In a posting on Twitter that has since been characteristically deleted the party led by Mr Nelson Chamisa wrote, “Factual correction Hon Job Sikhala is not the vice chairman of CCC Zimbabwe. That designation belonged to the MDC Alliance and doesn’t pertain to the new organisation”.

The disownment of Mr Sikhala from the CCC was expected after he was quoted in a local weekly newspaper warning his former friends-turned betrayers of the wrath to come from him once he is freed.

In the interview Mr Sikhala vowed to take his tormentors in the opposition head on.

When push comes to shove the opposition has not hesitated to let loose its officials, much to the dismay of his supporters.-Herald


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