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Charles and Olivia Charamba speaks on split , shares delight on new church

by reporter263
ZIMBABWE’S finest gospel music couple Charles and Olivia Charamba were humbled by the high turnout of people who attended their first church service last Sunday following their recent announcement that they had founded their own denomination called Rooted in Christ Ministries (RCM).

Charles and Olivia Charamba

Charles Charamba (CM) revealed during an exclusive interview with The Standard Style’s correspondent Albert Masaka (AM) that due to the unexpectedly high turnout witnessed on Sunday, they were now relocating to the New Ambassador Hotel — a more spacious venue. Below are excerpts from the interview.

AM: You held your first church service as the founding pastor of RCM last week. What was the response from the public?

CM: It was a humbling experience. Though we are not prioritising numbers, we thank God and His saints for rubber-stamping the reality of our birth as Rooted in Christ Ministries. Many people attended such that we had to abandon the original hall and moved outdoors. Due to space challenges, we are shifting Sunday services to the New Ambassador Hotel starting now.


God implanted in us a burden. He, through the Holy Spirit, communicated to us to start a work, but we tried to do it another way. We tried to interpret His instruction by doing charitable activities and preaching all over, across the denomination divide, but we found no peace. Relative peace only returned in the month in which we said yes, it wasn’t easy.

AM: How did you come up with the name Rooted In Christ Ministries?

CM: We prayerfully searched our real mandate and it is to evangelise to lost souls and consolidate believers’ relationship with Jesus Christ. It was impressed on our hearts that many are yet to know their position in Christ. Psalm 1:1-3, Jeremiah 17:8 and John 15:1-7 strongly came into our minds. They all speak of a tree with firm establishment. Galatians 5:22 then concludes as it lists the fruit which is expected out of a well-meaning Christian. The name Rooted In Christ Ministries sums it all as Jesus is the centre of everything we shall be imparting.

AM: How are you going to balance your roles as a musician and the new one as a church leader?

CM: It’s not by might, not by power…, we will sing and preach Pashoko Pangoma style, meaning that we will strike a balance between singing and pulpit word preaching.

Many may not know that we have endured some of the busiest schedules along the years. We are so used to tight schedules. We have no day to put to waste, hence our resolve to take up the extra duties. Moses was instructed to work with a team, Paul worked with Barnabas, Timothy, Titus, Luke and Onesimos among others, likewise, we shall be a team. We are actually releasing videos and songs for Christmas.

AM: What is the church’s mission, vision and purpose?

CM: Jesus Christ has to be the primary object and subject of our worship.

We shall be teaching and leading saints into the application of the word of God in their life situations.

We are also going to be ministering for the purpose of nourishing both the flesh and spirit. Saints should be reminded that they have value here on earth and in heaven. We aim at raising a righteous generation that respects God, sanctity of life whose blessings go down to the thousandth generation.

AM: What has been the response from your fans after you announced that you were now leading a new church?

CM: A good number are expressing gratitude and are excited. Yes, we also understand them because we used to receive requests to provide recorded sermons.
Now they will get to hear both music and teachings from the same preachers. Others, however, want us to assure them that we won’t be scaling down on music releases. We are assuring them that music will stay put. In fact more songs are about to be released, new and remixes.

AM: As a pastor, what is your message to Zimbabwe and the rest of the world?

CM: Heaven and hell are real. Jesus loves us and is ready to forgive regardless of the nature of our sin.

We thank them for the encouragement they are sending through social media and phones. So many are contacting us, expressing their affirmation. We really pray to God that we carry out our mandate in a manner that doesn’t disappoint God, our nation and ourselves.

AM: Anything else that you may feel is important for the people to know?

CM: We will continue with our social responsibilities that include being brand ambassadors for the Zimbabwe Republic Police and Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe, as well as our partnership with Harare Cental Hospital, among others. My parting note is that life is very short, let us come to Christ so that we receive the blessed hope. The challenges we face in this life are not all won in the physical. Most are in the spiritual. We need to be delivered and start walking in the spirit. It’s for anyone who believes in partnering us to support the vision as we start to spread the net wider.

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