Chasi Undresses Jonathan Moyo
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Chasi Undresses Jonathan Moyo

Former Minister of Energy, advocate Fortune Chasi

Former Minister of Energy, advocate Fortune Chasi has dismissed as false allegations which say he was fired for ordering an investigation into the SOTIC deal that prejudiced the state of US$1.2 billion.

Jonathan Moyo had claimed that in May 2019, President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Foreign Affairs Minister Sibusiso B. Moyo “stole USD1.2 billion disguised as a State loan from SOTIC INTERNATIONAL, fronted by Kuda Tagwirei.”

He added that the theft was structured by SB Moyo using NOIC assets as a mortgage. The exiled former Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education further claimed that advocate Chasi found out, tried to reverse it and got fired.

Below is Chasi’s full Twitter thread in response to Jonathan Moyo’s allegations.

I have seen a set of tweets Jonathan Moyo suggesting that I caused an investigation into what he calls the SOTIC deal. I have no knowledge of this deal nor did I cause the alleged investigation. I am not sure what the source of the investigation is nor the motive.

In my entire tenure at the ministry, I never caused any investigation or enquiry into anything at NOIC. I had no issues at that level.

I must make it very very clear that I don’t harbour any bitterness regarding my current position. I accept the decision to relieve me of my position as that is the President’s prerogative. I remain committed to serve in any capacity whatsoever.Meanwhile, I shall revert to being a backbencher and continue to work in the constituency and party.

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