Chinese man found dead in Harare hotel

HARARE – A Chinese man was found dead in his hotel room in Harare on Tuesday morning.

A hotel cleaner stumbled on the lifeless body of 39-year-old Song Yuan at around 10AM, according to police sources.

Yuan was pronounced dead by an ambulance crew from MARS that was called to the hotel in the Msasa area.

“The ambulance crew estimated that he had been dead for about two hours, which means he died sometime between 7AM and 8AM,” a source said.

Yuan’s body was taken to a local hospital for postmortem procedures.

“He was found sitting on a sofa and had no visible injuries. Only a proper examination of his body by a pathologist will determine how he died,” the source added.


Police spokesman Paul Nyathi was not immediately available for comment.

ZimLive understands a Zimbabwean ID was found on Yuan, indicating that it was issued to him on March 30, 2006. He was a regular at the hotel, although his occupation is unknown.

Zimbabwe issues IDs to foreign nationals on long-term residence permits or who are married to locals. Each card contains a number, the last two digits of which indicate the district of origin. If these digits are “00”, as in the ID found on Yuan, it means that a person has “alien” status and is a non-citizen.

Zimbabwe is hosting thousands of Chinese nationals, most of them in the mining and construction industries.