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Chinotimba In One-man Demo


Buhera South legislator Cde Joseph Chinotimba yesterday staged a one-man demonstration against City of Harare for arresting and impounding pirate taxis that have wreaked havoc in the city. He immediately declared himself patron of all pirate taxis and warned municipal police against arresting the illegal operators. Cde Chinotimba said instead of wasting time chasing after the pirate taxis, council should rehabilitate roads that are almost impassable because of potholes.

“A demonstration has no formula. This is the smartest demonstration ever because I am not bullying anyone. From today onwards I have declared myself to be the patron of all pirate taxis.

“If I was the mayor, no one was supposed to be arrested. I would concentrate on resurfacing roads and collecting all the litter around the Central Business District,” he said.

“Because of the economic conditions in the country, people need jobs for survival. As a legislator I preach indigenisation and empowerment. This is it.” Cde Chinotimba also castigated municipal police for throwing spikes at pirate taxis.

He urged pirate taxi drivers to be disciplined. “I will support them as long as they desist from those acts of undressing innocent women,’’ he said. Harare Mayor Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni said the war on pirate taxis would continue as the city has a status to safeguard.

“The informal sector is a feature of our failed economy.


“The need for survival is real but we have a city whose status and quality we must guard jealously. We are not heading towards a village,” he said.

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