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Chinyanga Gets Suspended Sentence

by reporter263

A COMMERCIAL sex worker yesterday pleaded guilty to extortion before Harare magistrate Noticia Shenje, after threatening to report a client for rape.

Nyasha Chinyanga (37) who resides in the Avenues area was sentenced to three months, which were wholly suspended on condition that she pays back the US$165 to the complainant by January 30. Shenje said that she considered the fact that Chinyanga had a baby and sending her to prison would disadvantage the baby and that she did not waste the court’s time.

The court heard that the complainant, Blessing Kativhu picked Chinyanga on December 24 along Chiremba Road, in Queensdale, Harare, while driving to the central business district.

Kativhu said Chinyanga undress in his vehicle, and threatened to report him for rape if he did not give her money.

He gave her US$165, but made a police report, which led to her arrest.


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