Chipinge woman stones husband to death

A CHIPINGE woman stoned her husband to death during a fight over the upkeep of their family.

The incident, which has been confirmed by the police, took place in Mushakavanhu village under Chief Mutema last Friday.

Petula Marimbeni and her husband Bidnock Matoro had a dispute over the upkeep of their family, said district police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Blessing Kadzuraumera.

The report said Marimbeni asked for money from Matoro to buy food for the family but this allegedly did not go down well with Matoro and a heated argument ensued.

The two exchanged harsh words and this degenerated into a fist fight.

After Marimbeni was overpowered she picked a stone with which she hit Matoro on the left ribs.


An irate Matoro picked the same stone and charged towards his wife who escaped into the bedroom and locked herself inside.

Matoro tried to open the door but failed.

He left the homestead and was later found near the river bank crying for help.

“Marimbeni later followed her husband and found him in agony near the river bank.

She went back to the village to call for help but when they returned he was dead,” said Kadzuraumera.

According to the police the body had no visible injuries.

Marimbeni has since been arrested.