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Chitungwiza Man Names Son After Robert Mugabe

by reporter263

A Chitungwiza man has named his child after former President Robert Mugabe in honour of the great works he did for the nation.

Mr Duke Chinyongo, aged 49, who resides in St Mary’s , Chitungwiza, confirmed in an interview with The Herald yesterday that it was his passion for Zanu- PF which drove him to name his last born child after the former icon of Zimbabwe.

“Yes, I can confirm that I named my son Tinotenda Robert Gabriel Deeds Chinyongo soon after his birth on the 18th of April 2017 to clearly show the nation that I have passion for the ruling party Zanu-PF and the former great icon and Leader Robert Mugabe. This I did not wait for him to die first but I decided to honour when he was still alive.”

“Initially I wanted to call him Tinotenda Robert Gabriel Mugabe Deeds Chinyongo as his full name but upon taking him a birth certificate the authorities at Chitungwiza Registrar General’s Offices stopped me.

‘‘I faced a lot of resistance from the society at large because they thought that I was developing mental disturbances,” said Mr Chinyongo.

He chronicled the significance of the liberation struggle which brought about the peace which is prevailing.


“I started to follow Zanu-PF way back in 1975 when I was still tender and now I still save the same party as secretary for disability for Chaminuka 3A zone1,” he said.

“Earlier on before the death of former President Mugabe, I wrote a letter informing him that I wanted to let him know that I followed the progress he made to this country. Now its unfortunate that he is late, but I would also wanted to meet the former First Lady and the entire Mugabe family about the legacy that I have dedicated my son so that history will be maintained,” he said.

-The Herald

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