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Leaked CIO classified documents:Violent Grace brutally assaults Robert Mugabe

by reporter263
Richard Jones, after being attacked by Grace Mugabe

TZN Correspondent

Violent hubby-beater , Grace Mugabe violently assaulted her nonagenarian husband Robert  92, pushing to him to the ground in full view of the security detail at their Harare state residence, the recently leaked classified CIO documents have revealed.

Insiders who compiled a scathing report said as early as October 2015 , angry Grace  punched him, knees him in the groin and pulls him to the ground by her ear.

Surprisingly , threatened and  fearful security detail watched Mugabe lying on the ground and carried on as if he isn’t there.

According to the report, a close relative of the First family(Name withheld) came to Mugabe’s rescue , warning fuming Grace that they were there to protect the Head of state.

This is not the first time Grace had attacked Robert. Ex- Minister Didymus Mutasa and Gideon Gono have on several occasions  been called to Mugabe’s residence to mediate after the ageing president said he is feed up with her and must go.


Mugabe in 2014 made a shocking revelation during a Zanu PF meeting when he told  delegates that Grace sent “end this speech now” note suggesting  he endures the same abuse at home.

Watch video below:

Grace Mugabe is prone to violent outbursts.

In 2009, Grace, lost it and smacked a photographer repeatedly in the face as he followed her on a Hong Kong shopping trip.

She was accused of repeatedly punching Richard Jones -chief photographer of the Hong Kong photo agency Sinopix after he took pictures of her shopping in Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

She escaped prosecution after being given diplomatic immunity after alleged street attack .



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