College Lecturer Accused Of Preying On Female Students
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College Lecturer Accused Of Preying On Female Students

A Rio Tinto Agricultural College lecturer is alleged to be s_xually exploiting female students and victimising those who turn down his advances.

ZBC News spoke with the lecturer identified as Nkululeko Lozane who denied the allegations, blaming “haters” for the rumours. He said

There is politics here, I am aware of the allegations but I did not do anything wrong. I am a married person I have my family. These students are being sent by haters to destroy me. Can I call you later; can I call on this number? Please write a balanced story.

A female student from the college who spoke to ZBC News claimed that Lozane invited her to his house to do practicals and also requested her to clean his bedroom at night.

Another student said that she is now petrified and can no longer walk alone after Lozane threatened her.

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