Minister summons Comic Pastor Ngomashi over ‘Bridges’ plea

INDIGENISATION minister, Patrick Zhuwao, seems to have listened to plea from man of the moment comedian Prosper Ngomashi .


Ngomashi , who is popularly known as The Comic Pastor produced  a comic video that has become popularly known as “Shamhu skit”.


In the skit, Ngomashi begins a seemingly serious statement about how he is inspired by successful inventors and technology gurus like Steve Jobs to have a noble idea that would help young people.

In his latest video , he talks about ministers neglecting the youth and not doing enough to help their desperate situation .He indirectly modelled it in a ‘bridge’ scenario.


As the situation in Zimbabwe becomes even more dire, university graduates even becoming garbage men, the most affected are the ‘youth’, that’s your 16 – 35 year age group. With jobs and opportunities hard to come by some unemployed youngsters have had their bridge broken which now sees them spending their day discussing frivolous matters such as who is better; Seh Calaz or Soul Jah Love (ZimbabweZimdancehall artists).

Delighted  Minister responded,”Hero basa randapihwa nemaYouth in line with the Instrafructure Cluster on ZimASSET. Iwe neni tine basa”