Concerns As Men and Women Share Same Public Toilet at Harare’s Fourth Street

A health hazard is looming at Fourth Street in Harare where a public toilet has blocked forcing both men and women to take turns to use one lavatory. Harare City Council has left the situation unattended.4th-street-in-Harare

Commuters, flea market owners, vendors and rank marshals could be seen queueing to use the toilet yesterday.

Harare Residents Trust community secretary Mrs Anesu Chikukwa condemned the failure by Harare City Council to repair the blocked toilets.

“Harare City Council should use some of the money that they get from the flea markets to repair the malfunctioning toilet.

“It is clear that Harare City Council is only concerned about rentals from the flea market and not the health of the public,” said Mrs Chikukwa.

Council spokesperson Mr Michael Chideme said some people were putting foreign objects in toilets causing blockages.


“Public toilets by nature are difficult to manage because of the different behaviours by users.

“We get regular blockages because the people use different kinds of paper. We will, however, continue with our routine repairs,” said Mr Chideme.