Constitutional Court judgment: Zimbabwe’s 2018 presidential election petition

HARARE – The Constitutional Court on Thursday finally delivered its written judgment in the 2018 Presidential Election Petition brought by MDC leader Nelson Chamisa, seeking the nullification of ZEC’s declaration of Emmerson Mnangagwa as the winner.

Chamisa wanted the court to confirmhis confirmation as the duly elected President of Zimbabwe.

The Constitutional Court says Chamisa failed to make a case through providing primary evidence to show that he had won the election.

The judges ruled: “The applicant (Chamisa) did not so much rely on the allegation that the Presidential election was not free, fair and credible on the basis of the generalised and unproved allegations he made against the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

“The essence of the case was that the applicant was the winner of the Presidential election. That is the allegation he failed to prove.

“Any mathematical error that may have occurred in the process of verification of the Presidential election result in terms of s 110 of the Act was not gross or sufficient to overturn the outcome of the election.”



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