Cooking With Zim Celebrity Chef: Facebook Cooking Initiative Revolutionised Kitchen Habits

It’s only less than two weeks since Celebrity Chef Genias Mupfayi and his friends hatched the idea of a different kind of social media group. Since giving birth to the Facebook group ‘Cooking with Zim Celebrity Chef’, they have revolutionised the way Zimbabweans across the globe make and present their food.

And now with an amazing 8,616 subscribers worldwide, the group has opened eyes to some of the more enduring cooking styles and food presentation.

Taking to Facebook, Patricia Stephanie Gillian, one of the administrators, told members they were welcome to disagree with others opinions, but should be warned: “Strictly no vulgar, hate or bullying and politics”.

Here we take a look at some of the popular  meals so far based on likes and reactions:

  1. Chef Gineas Mupfayi inspired one of the best presentations over Valentines .The rose made from tomatoes and cucumber is our top pick. There are many other variations to the initial  one but many were inspired. Photo Credit : Mai Tawa NaKupa

9.Yvonne Kombora

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Clive Jamera‎ : This just came in and had no ratings yet

Next, we shall look at some meals that attracted the least reactions and try to understand why.