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Corpse Found Floating In Drinking Well

by reporter263

Four Hopley families were shocked and left traumatised on Tuesday after discovering that they had been drinking water from a well that had a dead human being for nearly a week.

The body of 33-year-old Bowen Mutori was retrieved from the well six days after he went missing but the affected families had been drinking the water unbeknownst that there was a dead body inside.

A decision was taken to empty the well when the stench became too strong, only to find a body floating on the water.

Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Simon Chazovachii confirmed the incident. He said:

At around 2100 hours, it was reported that he saw an unknown vehicle passing by the road outside his house and told his wife that the motorist was looking for him.

He was reported to have put on his shoes and went away only to be found dead six days later. His body was found floating in a well at a house in their neighbourhood.


The owner of the house where the body was found is reported to have been drawing water from the well unknowingly, forcing them to try and empty the well after an unpleasant smell coming from it.

The families continued to draw water from the well until they discovered the body floating.

The body had a swollen face and bruises on the neck and police are appealing for information that may lead to the arrest of the suspects.

Chikomborero Chiwona ( 39), who discovered the body floating in her well, told H-Metro that four families had been drawing water for use without realising there was a body in the well. She said:

We tried to empty the well because of the stench from the well but nothing was found on only to discover the body floating the following day.

… We used to fetch water for drinking and watering our garden, but we are now forced to look for alternative sources of water.

The well has since been filled with earth as the owners consider it improper to continue drawing water from it.

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