Covid-19 Corpses Lying Everywhere At Parirenyatwa , Says Former Finance Deputy Minister Terrence Mukupe

Former Deputy Finance and Economic Minister Terrence Mukupe has bemoaned the state of Parirentaywa Hospital and said he visited the facility and saw “dead bodies lying everywhere”

Mukupe said his friend was recovering from a heart ailment when they were diagnosed with COVID-19 and deteriorated after that:

I’m disappointed…. a friend goes into Pari with a heart condition, tested for Covid and was negative… was getting treatment for the past 8 days and responding well, family was talking and laughing with her yesterday…. goes into a coma suddenly overnight and has contracted Covid whilst in hospital!!! Manje tikarwara toendepi….. Been to Pari… dead bodies everywhere of people dying from Covid…. clearly the health institution is overwhelmed…. Mwari pindirai!!!

A similar report was given by doctors who spoke to Aljazeera and said Parirentatwa has 3 ICU beds and key health staff were not volunteering to work in the COVID-19 unit at the hospital because of lack of equipment and PPE.

The Information Ministry permanent secretary said hospitals are overwhelmed with patients as he urged people to adhere to COVID-19 restriction measures.