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Daisy Mtukudzi speaks on Sam’s girlfriend

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By Trust Khosa

Daisy Mtukudzi says she has “freed” Sam Mtukudzi’s official girlfriend Laika Masuku to move on, six years after his death. Daisy says Laika has been holding on to her dream of marrying Sam and was finding it hard to move on.

Daisy and Oliver Mtukudzi
Daisy and Oliver Mtukudzi

“I still miss my son but there is one thing I had planned for them, especially his wedding with Laika. Sam was dating his girlfriend Laika (Masuku) and they had plans to wed but the cruel hand of death snatches its own.

“I would have loved to see them tying the knot as they had promised and I had already designed the cake.”

Asked whether Laika was still in touch with the family, Daisy said:

“Yes, we always talk and she even called me before this anniversary. However, I have told her to move on and she had to accept the reality now.


“I have to talk to her as she was finding it hard to move on. I will help her to move on and we will assist her in her new chapter.”

She added: “Of course there are those who claim to have been dating Sam but I would not entertain them because he didn’t introduce them to me.

“I well only entertain Laika because she is the one we know as a family and not other girls who want attention.”

She also hailed fans and friends for their support.

“Had it not been of their support, I don’t think this event would have been a success. I feel there is need for another second leg in Bulawayo because Sam commanded a lot of respect there.

“He never had a flop in Bulawayo and I hope it would be fair to hold a similar show in Bulawayo, which used to be his fortress.” H Metro

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