Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri Refuses Covid-19 Vaccine


Defence minister Oppah Muchinguri

Defence minister Oppah Muchinguri says she will not take soon to be imported Covid-19 vaccines insisting that she would only accept if it is developed locally.

In an interview with an online blog Zimbabwe Eye, Muchinguri who was mourning the late Manicaland minister Ellen Gwaradzimba who succumbed to Covid-19 yesterday questioned the country’s decision to accept vaccines developed elsewhere.

I” will never take the vaccine. I will not take ‘your’ vaccine, I will not take your vaccine unless if it’s developed by our own people, Zimbabweans.

“If they develop our own vaccine. Why can’t we also develop our own vaccine. Why should we take that which is developed by others? Why can’t we also make our own vaccine? Let’s develop our own.

“We are trying our own, we are also trying our own that which we are developing with the help of the Chinese maybe it will be successful maybe it will be successful. I do not know,” said Muchinguri.