Didymus Mutasa hopes for political asylum in India
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Didymus Mutasa hopes for political asylum in India


ZANU PF’s expelled Secretary for Administration, Didymus Mutasa is consulting on options of getting political protection from India where he is domiciled at present.

caught up with Mr Mutasa on Monday morning who spoke on his wife’s condition and replied back on the foreign protection issue. Mutasa who revealed he is seeking the assistance of foreign governments to deal with Mugabe, emotionally and abruptly fired back when further drilled in particular on his hopes of getting political asylum as speculated at the weekend. “I do not speak to the press (about that),” he said.

Mutasa however revealed his latest protest and attempt to get sympathy of foreign governments as he declared that Robert Mugabe is breaching the country’s laws. “The current Zanu-PF constitution which was adopted at the 6th congress swings all votes to the president alone and violates the supreme law of the country. It is therefore null and void,” he said.

The final outcome of Mutasa’s latest consultations were not clear at the time of writing as he refused to answer back any further.

Mutasa earlier in the year infamously earned the title “Gamatox” when he fired apparent threats to annihilate people considered a national nuisance by him. He was heavily criticised by First Lady Grace Mugabe in her whirlwind rallies as she taunted: “Pansi leGamatox!,” shortly before being sacked by the party for good.

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