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‘Didymus Mutasa implicated in murder case’

by reporter263


In response to the alleged vote of no confidence that was announced by the shivering secretary for information Cde Evelen Mpofu under the guard of Didymus Mutasa’s close ally Cde Kudzanai Chipanga on the 8th of March 2016 at Zanu Pf Headquarters this is what l have to say :

(1)The Zanu Pf constitution does not have a provision for the deputy secretary for youth affairs and worse still for the deputy secretary for youth affairs to chair a national executive council meeting of the youth league in as much as no one can chair the politburo or central committee serve for the President and First Secretary.

(2).It is on record that the members of the national executive council of the youth league refused to pass a vote of no confidence on me with only 6 out of 33 members raising hands in support of the motion.Members were then coerced to sign a vote of no confidence statement against me with Chipanga giving them a choice between ‘President Mugabe and Lewis Matutu’.There are more than 10 members who are willing to testify against the intimidation and coercion by Cde Chipanga and Cde Hamandishe.

(3).Cde Chipanga summoned some members (names available) at the Rainbow Towers an hour before the national executive meeting and threatened them that they risk expulsion from the Party if they don’t support my expulsion (and other two comrades whom l cannot mention by names since l did not consult them in the time of writing)because it was a directive from the President Cde R.G.Mugabe.There are members willing to testify against that even if they have been warned not to by Cde Chipanga who ‘spoke to the President’ before he left for India.

(4).lt is a shame to note that Cde Chipanga could not even come up with any clear allegations against me to such an extent that he actually said the issue of allegations will be discussed in the National Disciplinary Committee yet he had called for a press conference himself on the 8th of March 2016 at 0900hrs at Zanu Pf Headquarters.


(5).On Wednesday 9 March Cdes Malinga,Kasukuwere and Kazizi spent more than 5 hours in my office going through all the paperwork looking for anything that could be used against me in crafting their allegations.l wished them goodluck.

In conclusion l would like to warn Cde Chipanga that he should stop abusing the name of the President for his personal gains and rather concentrate on his rape case in Angola(more details to follow in due course) as well as his murder case in Manicaland (thanks to Cde Didymus Mutasa who covered up the case for him at least by then).Im also going to seek audience with the President Cde R.G.Mugabe himself as my leader as provided for in the Party constitution that any member of the Party has got the right to seek audience with any leader in the Party.l have ‘something special’ to tell him which l know he is not aware of.l personally will not stand and watch greedy,corrupt and selfish individuals destroying the Party that took the lives of many of my relatives leaving others without ears and fingers,not as long as l live.


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