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DJ Towers Attacks Ginimbi for being Reckless With His Life

by reporter263
Ungrateful…. DJ Towers

Motor mouth socialite DJ Towers has blasted his late blesser Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure for being reckless with life.

Towers has earned popularity for notoriously rigging the tough ladder to success, solely surviving on handouts.

His strategy is simple, bootlick a mbinga (rich person) until they helplessly shower you with blessings.

The late flamboyant socialite was not spared either.

Ginimbi Was Reckless

But now that he is gone, it seems Towers no longer finds a need not to be brutally honest in his assessments on how Ginimbi led his life.


Or, his new alliance with Prophet Passion Java – yet another wealthy personality but a bitter rival of Ginimbi’s – is playing a role.

In a live broadcast making rounds on social media, Towers is recorded  telling an audience that Ginimbi had sniffed some hard drugs before driving to his death.


Watch Towers’ utterances below;

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Ginimbi lived his life on the fast lane and tragically died in an accident that many believed was a result of over speeding. His Father Anderson Kadungure attested to the fact that his son was a speedster.

I received a call that he had been involved in an accident. We know he used to speed on the roads, so we were not shocked he said.

His love for speed was evident in the high-end supercars that he rolled in. But what is clear is that Ginimbi was a man among men, he was loved in life as well as in death, as thousands bid him farewell.

On the land of the living, Ginimbi occasionally brought Zimbabwe to a standstill, whether on social media or on the streets of Harare he commanded a respectfully huge following.

Ginimbi and his friends – Karim, Moana and Alicha perished in a road accident involving their Rolls Royce and a Honda Fit. The quartet was coming back from Moana’s birthday party when they met their demise in the wee hours of Sunday the 8th of November 2020.

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