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Dogs bite thief’s privates

by reporter263

HARARE – A suspected thief who allegedly used a rod to fish out cell phones and clothes from houses is on the verge of losing his private parts after he was bitten by three dogs as he fled the scene in the wee hours of the morning.

Chamunorwa Dick, 43, of Kambuzuma suburb was ravaged by the dogs after jumping over a precast wall into their territory when one of the complainants screamed for help.

Sources privy to the case told the Daily News that Dick sought medical attention at one of the hospitals but could not be attended to as there were no doctors. Junior doctors are currently on strike.

“I accompanied him to the hospital yesterday (Thursday) but he was advised to seek medical attention at private hospitals. Unfortunately, he does not have the money.
The dogs ravaged his testicles, thighs and buttocks, it’s so bad,” he said.

When Dick was brought to the Harare Magistrates’ Courts for initial hearing, he could not walk on his own and was aided by two relatives, including his wife.

He wailed and moaned in pain, drawing attention of members of the public who had attended court.


When he was brought out to the holding cells he dropped his trousers at the courts entrance and demanded that they do not dress him as he was in excruciating pain.

When his trousers fell to the knee level, visible dog bites could be seen on his thighs. Dick, who was walking barefoot, was also still bleeding from his feet.

“Maiwee! Musandipfekedze! Ndarwadziwa,” he screamed as one member of the public pulled up his jeans and dressed him.

Presiding magistrate Victoria Mashamba had to improvise and remand Dick, who is facing two counts of unlawful entry in aggravating circumstances, at the prison holding cells.

Mashamba remanded him out of custody to January 11 on free bail.

Prosecutor Sebastian Mutizirwa alleged that on December 27 at around 3am, the complainant Melisa Manuwere was sleeping when she heard one Tawanda Matanhire screaming that there was a thief.

Matanhire allegedly saw Dick stealing through the window.

When Manuwere woke up, she saw a long stick which Dick allegedly used to steal phones through the window.

The court heard that Manuwere and other community members gave chase and Dick was badly bitten by three dogs.

When police later arrived at the scene, they searched the suspect and found him armed with an okapi knife and a catapult.

He was allegedly caught with a pair of slopes, a pair of trousers, two T-shirts and suspected duplicate keys which he allegedly fished out from Victor Manuwere who was sleeping in the other room.

He was escorted to ZRP Warren Park where a report was filed.

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