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Dongo apologises to Mudiwa

by reporter263

Urban groove musician Trevor Dongo who blasted Christian rapper, Mudiwa Mutandwa for receiving his Zimbabwe Music Award (Zima) has since apologised. Dongo in a series of rants on Thursday night and Friday blasted Mudiwa for accepting the award on his behalf saying Mudiwa was lying that he had sent him to receive the award.

“. . . ko Mudiwa Hood amhanya saani if I may ask? Handitambe newe to that level Mudiwa, I had vanhu vangu representing me ikoko woda kunyepa kuti Ndini ndakutuma, you are full of “I know” but watamba nemuswe weshumba wanzwa.”

Dongo’s fans turned on him and demanded that he apologise to the rapper who in fact saved him from embarrassment since no one had come up to accept the Award.

Dongo then posted a veiled apology on social media saying it was his manager who wrote the series of rants, an explanation that was dismissed by fans.

“To my boy Mudiwa Hood I would like to Say I’m sorry my brother, we’ve been brothers for a very long time and going forward is what we are doing ,let me just spill the beans about One new Collabo that we are working on.”

“Yes we are working on a new track dropping it after my individual single after my Canada tour, we’ve been through a lot together and collecting my Award on my behalf I truly appreciate, We family!!”


But Mudiwa is still hurt. He said : “Trevor I forgive you, and again am so sorry. U hurt…but God is good, All the best with your career.”

Last Thursday after the ZIMA presenters had announced Trevor Dongo as the winner of the Best R’nB/Soul/Afro Pop, Mudiwa, after noticing that no one was present to receive the award, took it upon himself to do the honour.

However, Mudiwa, in his acceptance speech on Dongo’s behalf said that he had received a text/app message to get the award.

Upon hearing the news, Dongo who according to Mudiwa was in Canada, posted on Facebook later asking why Mudiwa had received the award on his behalf.

Mudiwa upon seeing the post, wrote a long apology to Dongo saying he thought it best to receive the award on his behalf since he was absent.

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