‘I don’t bank on sangomas,’ says cancer struck Tsvangirai

Ailing MDC-T leader has said he does not rely on sangomas for his political survival saying he wont be bothered if he does not land the presidency.

“I don’t know who goes to n’angas and prophets, but I don’t rely on that. I have a responsibility.

“God has created me for a purpose and if that purpose is not to be president of the country, that’s fine,” he told a Press briefing on Friday.

“I have fulfilled what I think I was created to do and I am doing it to the best of my ability.

“Whether there are prophecies, I think it’s immaterial, as far as I am concerned.

“Who knows, you can wake up one morning dead (sic), and you say, I prophesied that you won’t be president, when you are dead (sic).


Recently, United Family International Church leader, Emmanuel Makandiwa prophesied that President Robert Mugabe’s successor was a Zimbabwean currently based in the Diaspora.