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Don’t borrow money, import machinery and produce: Makandiwa tells Mnangagwa

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Emmanuel Makandiwa

Zimbabwe will only achieve sustainable economic recovery and growth if it imports machinery to boost production in agriculture, mining and other sectors of the economy, instead of borrowing money, United Family International Church founder Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has said.

Giving a prophecy on the economy to thousands of people who attended his church service in Harare yesterday, Prophet Makandiwa said the economy would come right soon, but extending a begging bowl would not bring solutions to current economic challenges.

“Don’t borrow money, borrow vessels (machinery),” he said.

“On your next trip, don’t borrow money, but vessels. You think if you bring in $10 billion it will bring solutions? Even if you get $100 billion you will never be free.

“We have been allowed by God to borrow, but it is not money. Also can’t you see that in the area of money there are so many restrictions? Even before you leave the country they know you want to borrow money.”

Much would be achieved and jobs created if machinery was brought into the country to enhance production, he said, adding that Zimbabwe’s neighbouring countries were replete with machinery and equipment that could help transform the economy.


Zimbabwe has been on the offensive in search of lines of credit to jump-start the economy, but such facilities have been long in coming.

Prophet Makandiwa said the stability on the foreign exchange market witnessed over the last few days was not the move of man, but the hand of God.

“I told you last Sunday not to panic,” he said.
“In the spirit, we also talk about money. We discuss exchange rates.”

Exchange rates on the parallel market tumbled from about 600 percent to near parity overnight. This has brought stability to the markets.

On yesterday’s prophecy and in reference to 2 Kings 4 where Prophet Elisha asked a widow saddled with debt and about to lose her two sons, to borrow vessels from her neighbours which were then filled with oil, Prophet Makandiwa said, Zimbabwe had within it the trigger needed for transformation.

“We can then mix the machinery with our oil,” he said.

“I am not an economist, but I hear from God and I see. Zimbabwe does not need money. There is a place in our economy and Jesus is touching that. Stop crying, and stop complaining. Don’t be afraid, Jesus is working out something for us. This is a passing storm.”

Prophet Makandiwa said God would never forsake Zimbabwe and He would never leave it. He said Zimbabwe already has money in the form of diamonds, gold and oil.

“But what we define as money is not what others define as money,” he said.

“Investors only come where there is money already and they see it in our diamonds, gold, oil and other minerals.”


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